Nicko’s Nook

Nickolas is our little guy.  He has been involved with helping out from the beginning – whether it be keeping Andy company out in the garage, to drilling candle holders, updating the website, posting tweets, working shows – he does it all!

Nickolas came up with the idea of taking the scraps from our creations and making barrel goods of his own.   He does all the work himself and is learning a lot about business in the process!

Nicko’s Nuggets

Nickos Nuggets Pic

Looking for some wine-infused flavors on the grill or smoker?

Nicko’s Nuggets are the perfect combination of wine and smoky oak flavor.  Everyone knows that wine enhances food and oak is one of the most versatile and popular woods used by pitmasters.  So Nicko’s Nuggets are a match made in BBQ and Wine Lover’s Heaven.

These wine barrel staves can be used for smoking or directly on charcoal and gas grills.  Use the stave as fuel alone or add to existing fire.  Flavor intensity can be adjusted by the number of staves used.

Smoky, wine accented flavor is awesome for steaks, chops, seafood and anything else off the grill or smoker.